Commissioning a Graphite Portrait


As a portrait artist, I am committed to the expression of the essential beauty and dignity of each person I portray. The portrait is approached as a drawing which should stand on its own merit as a work of art. Ultimately, the portrait is the representation of a unique individual as seen through the temperament of a particular artist.

The procedure involves an initial interview with the subject to determine the nature of the portrait and other details involving clothing and background. Next, I collect (depending on the nature of the commission)  numerous photos of different poses and lighting arrangements

The studio drawing begins after collaborating with the subject to agree upon the final approach. Armed with the photos made earlier, I begin to develop the final work. This process takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete depending upon the size and complexity of the project.

My goal is for the portrait drawing to bring the kind of pleasure expressed by a former client: "Having a portrait done in graphite gives you the depth in detail that you would not get in color.."









Contact the artist about commissions:

Portrait Fees
Frames are not included. (Consultation on framing is included).
Retainer of 50% required to initiate the project.
Balance is due upon completion.